Base of knowledge

Ruben Design hydromassage offers the experience of water beneficial effects on the human body. The procedure, known for centuries under its Latin name SANUS PER AQUAM, has evolved into today’s SPA. There are SPA hotels, SPA centres and other public places where the benefits of a healing bath can be enjoyed. RUBEN DESIGN brings a SPA solution right to your doorstep offering you the intimacy and comfort of undisturbed space. State-of-the-art RUBEN DESIGN hydromassage systems, perfected for 18 years of hard and innovative work, guarantee a long-standing satisfaction with their use. Based on components from the leading European producers (Koller, Spatech), enclosed in modern and ergonomic design they make an exquisite addition to every bathing salon. Hydrotherapy improves general physical and mental state, stimulates and adds energy, helps to keep your mind and body in good shape – all of which are essential in anti-aging and beauty-maintenance routines. This technique has a very positive effect on the skin, muscles and bone structure – it removes fatigue and brings about relaxation. Water massage soothes joint pains, headaches and relieves muscle tension. All of this was known by the ancient Romans who set up thermal springs even in their military camps. So why not try?

What used to be available only in sanatoriums, rehabilitation and biological regeneration centres has now become affordable for everyone. An extremely important factor in hydrotherapy treatment i.e. hygiene (often questionable in public places) is absolutely guaranteed in RUBEN DESIGN hydromassage systems by means of fully AUTOMATIC DISINFECTION, automatic drying/ozonization. Disinfection helps to maintain absolute cleanness in the water system while drying plays a similar role in the air system.

Air-water massage – hydrotherapy treatment is suitable for all age groups: the elderly, the young and even pregnant women. It will be appreciated by those who spend many hours daily working in a sitting position – blood circulation will be improved and the spine strengthened. Water massage will bring relief in joint pains and sciatica. Those who are stressed out may expect mood improvement and better quality sleep.

Hydrotheraphy methods:

water – body massage with a water stream,  enhanced by a specially designed Ruben Design POWERSTREEM system based on an extra air blower fed into the water supply resulting in a uniquely powerful TURBO effect

classic air; small/middle-sized bubbles massaging bodily tissues, oxygenating and cleansing the skin

champagne – millions of tiny bubbles massaging the body and oxygenating the inner organs, removing toxic deposits, reducing cellulitis. Perfect for spine relief.

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