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SYSTEM FUNCTIONS: 1. Air / water system buttons a) SYSTEM ACTIVATED short press; system on/off hold down >3 secs.; activation of pulsating mode – 3,5 /3,5 sec. cycles b) SYSTEM DE-ACTIVATED short press; automatic disinfection (option) / drying off, hold down >3 secs.; automatic functions activation 2. Disply; bath duration ( timer) i water temperature 3. TIME SETUP BUTTON a) SYSTEM ACTIVATED 1st short press; display of time required for the system to turn off. When the button is pressed during time display it will not be recognised by the system(tim e setup while the system is on through successive presses at < 3 sec. intervals) short press: time change at 5 min. steps (range 5 to 30 min.) 4. Chromotherapy light button a) SYSYEM ACTIVATED sgort press; on/off hold down >3 secs; activation of pulsating mode – 3,5/3,5 sec. cycles


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