Free form bath tub

Another group in the classification of bathtubs produced by Ruben Design are the so called custom bathtubs. This term refers to all models which do not belong to the previously mentioned three categories. i.e. regular corner baths, asymmetric corner baths and rectangular baths. As far as this group is concerned Ruben Design has the following models to offer: Nefertiti, Rubena, Onyx, Rumba, Omega, Larisa, Itea, Solar and Maesta. Since our company values inventiveness and non-banal solutions there is almost no limit to the options available – by means of our bathroom equipment everyone can create their unique dream bathroom interior. The variety of shapes makes the design of one’s bathroom a real challenge and adventure. Custom baths of non-standard forms are a good solution for spa and wellness centres – their uniqueness will cause the customers to enthusiastically revisit and long remember the name of so interestingly arranged a salon. Ruben Design custom baths are a product that will satisfy even the most refined taste.

Ruben Design