Rectangular bath tubs

Not everyone has a liking for modernistic interiors based on asymmetry and non-standard forms. Our company exerts every effort to meet the needs and tastes of all our customers, so for those who prefer a more traditional approach we offer classical rectangular baths. In spite of appearances they do not have to be an ordinarily boring solution. Ruben Design’s offer includes twelve different types of rectangular baths. These models are: Ego, Duosoti, Soti, Dharpa, Kendo, Valetta, Opera, Sani and Mareba. Thanks to our designers even the simplest model looks refined and exclusive. In the case of a small bathroom it seems an ideal proposal – a rectangular bathtub can be easily fitted even in the small room of a typical flat. Another advantage of a rectangular bath is the fact that the installation of its surround is much easier than in the case of unconventionally-shaped units. What is more, if you decide on this type of bathtub you can be sure that, for its being a timeless standard, it will never go out of fashion, which cannot always be said about more futuristic, asymmetric shapes.

Ruben Design